Bunminster and Clem are rabbits living in a garden in Birmingham, UK.

This website is run by their owners/servants Fiona and Pete who have been caring for rabbits since 2013. It will eventually contain everything they’ve learned about rabbits, shared for the benefit of others. We hope you find it useful!

Get to know our rabbits!


We’re very active in the bunny corner of Instagram where we’re friends with lots of other rabbit owners. Beyond the cute, it’s a great community of mutual help and support whenever something goes wrong.

Come join us!

Pics from Instagram are automatically posted to Twitter and Tumblr, though we don’t monitor those accounts very much.

Rabbit resources

We plan to build this section up over the year. So far we have:

Rabbit Essentials - a very basic guide to keeping rabbits.

Rabbit Food - what we feed our little dudes.

Rabbit’s Guide to Birmingham - the vets and suppliers we recommend in our home town.

Support our friends

We’re big fans of Fat Fluffs, a rabbit rescue and sanctuary near Birmingham from where we adopted Clem in 2016. If you’ve enjoyed following our stories, please consider making a donation.

There are many other ways you can help Fat Fluffs. Pete wrote a guide.

Their Home

We’ll be writing a page on housing outdoor rabbits soon, but for now here’s a video guide to our current setup.

Much more to come!

Do check back over the months and see what we’ve added. And be sure to follow us on Bunstagram!