In the local paper

This week a reporter from the Birmingham Mail came over to photograph Joy and Bunminster for a story about Joy being rescued from the woods last Saturday. Since Joy isn’t being let out to run free for a while (her wounds need to heal and we want her to get used to her new hutch so she returns there) we let Bunminster out for a run. Of course he wasn’t being amusing, so Fi found his buckyball, popped some banana chips in and hilarity ensued.


And so it came to pass that a heart-rending story of abandoned rabbits was superseded by the funny Internet star who loves football. Ah well! Hopefully the message will still get through.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 21.52.11

Bunminster, you’re a local media star. You’ll be opening supermarkets next.


Here it is in print:

Birmingham Mail